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20 Tybee Tips from Our Visitors

We can tell you about Tybee Island until we're blue in the face, but there's nothing better than hearing great tips (and tricks) from our most frequent visitors!

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If you've never been to Tybee Island, or you're just not familiar with the "island life", here are great ideas to keep in mind the next time you find yourself on 'Tybee Time'. 

Beach Walk with Dr. Joe

1. Take a shell bag and rinse your shells in the ocean. Mid to North Beach is great for shelling, particularly at low tide. The beach at the Pier is the party hardy beach and tons of fun. Mid to North Beach is quieter but kid-friendly. - Kathleen S.

Shelling is a great pastime on Tybee Island! If traveling to the beach with young children who are intimidated by the big waves of South Beach, try North Beach or Back River Beach for a quieter experience. 

2. Do NOT go with an itinerary! Let the island and its vibe lead you. Forgo all chain restaurants in Savannah and experience the unique places. The Crab Shack (if you want fried food, this isn't the place for you), Stingrays (best Bloody Mary)AJ's Dockside (awesome)! These are just a few of my personal favorites. No matter where you end up, you'll be back. - Mindy F.

Tybee Island is known for its seafood shacks and eclectic dining spots. If you're looking for a chain restaurant, you won't find it here. From sensational seafood to the best burgers around, you're sure to find a restaurant that is exactly what you're looking for. 

3. Rent a golf cart! It is so much fun! - Wendy S.

Tybee Island is a small beach town, perfect for getting around by golf carts or bicycles. Many of the local rental companies will even deliver your ride to your vacation rental, free of charge! 

4. Buy a boogie board because the waves are yes. - @kelsiedava

Sure, lounging on the beach is relaxing but there's nothing like riding the waves! Hop over to T.S. Chu's Department Store on Tybrisa Street to purchase your very own board and start boogying. See what we did there? wink 

5. Don't drive over 30 mph. - @yeah_man_mha

Speeding is no joke on the island! Be sure to pay attention to the posted mph and adhere to any traffic signage. 

North Beach, Tybee Island

6. For those who enjoy quiet beaches, check out the North Beach and Back River Beach. - @buttonsandstitches

Each of our beaches have their own personality. Back River Beach and North Beach are certainly the quietest and are perfect for those looking to relax to the sounds of the water. 

7. Should be a given, but don't litter. Pick up your garbage! No glass on the beach. - Tybee Local

Help keep our beaches clean! Our motto: only leave your footprints. Recycling bins are located at most beach crossovers. If action is more your style, sign up for a beach cleanup on your visit! The Tybee Beach Clean Volunteers organize weekly beach cleanups. 

8. Eat at the Breakfast Club! - @mamabearcasey

Brunch is a weekend ritual on Tybee Island. The Breakfast Club offers a full-diner experience laced with a unique history (think JFK Jr.) and enthusiastic line cooks (tips may get you a surprise musical thank you). If you plan to dine there, be sure to arrive before 1pm and be prepared to wait in line. Don't worry, it moves fast!

9. Check out the Tybee Post Theater. Great little venue and some amazing shows throughout the year. - JoAnn W.

The Tybee Post Theater is located within the Fort Screven district and is chock-full of history. Check their calendar of events for upcoming shows, performances and concerts. Tybee tip: their concession stand serves up beer and wine!

10. Stay at least 2 or 3 days to really see how cool of a place it is. - @th3truepun1sh3r

Visitors often say that no matter the length of time on Tybee, it's never enough. If your trip allows for it, plan to spend a few days to really immerse yourself in the island lifestyle.

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McQueen's Island Trail

11. Rent bikes and ride the whole bike trail in the morning. Gorgeous views. - Tybee Local

Tybee Island is named one of the “Most Bicycle Friendly Communities” by the League of American Bicyclists. There are cycling trails located on Highway 80 that run alongside the Savannah River, offering stunning water views along the way. 

12. Grab some beach food at the grocery store (IGA) on the island. Deli sandwiches made to order for $6! - @kcdemanche

IGA is the only grocery store located on Tybee Island. Swing by there on your way to the beach to grab essentials like snacks, sandwiches and drinks!

13. Don't miss the opportunity to catch a sunrise on the beach or sunset on the river side! - @judyhirsch

Even if you're not an early riser, be sure to set your alarm to watch the sunrise over the Tybee Island Pier. It's a sight you won't ever forget. In the evenings, make your way to the Back River Beach to watch the sunset set behind Little Tybee Island. You'll probably spot some dolphins playing offshore too!

14. Download the app to pay to park ahead of time! - @peppersfam

Is there anything worse than enjoying the beach to realize you need to run back to your car and replenish the parking meter? Save the headache and download the Park TYB app. Pay  for up to 48-hours of parking right from your phone. It's that easy!

15. Find a swing on Tybee beach and swing your worries away. - @vickywl

Beach swings can be found at almost every beach crossover. Sit down, enjoy the view, but be sure to let others enjoy the experience. 

16. Keep an eye out for sea turtle nests and be careful not to disturb. - @montana_parker

Sea turtle season runs from May to October. During those months, nests can be found on Tybee's beaches and are extremely fragile. Steer clear and under no circumstances should you pick up a sea turtle egg or hatchling - it's against the law!

17. Take an airboat ride. An amazing experience! - @divergent_demigods_oblivion 

If you're looking for a unique water experience, check out Tybee Airboats. These fast-paced tours are loud, fast and extremely fun!

18. Don't go out on the sandbar that appears at the south end of the beach! The tide comes fast! - @ashleabelle3

The daily tide changes happen twice a day and can change quickly. While sandbars look fun, they can disappear within a matter of minutes with a strong current. Be sure to adhere to the signs posted along the south side of the island. 

19. Pack quarters for parking meters and solo cups for your beach drinks! - @katieabel

Pack your beach bag with essentials including a reusable cup for your beach drinks and quarters for the parking meters (even better, download the parking app). Remember, glass is not permitted on the beaches!

20. All of these suggestions are great! Also, be aware of the tides. The tide pools are great for finding sea life that has caught as the tide goes out. But when the tide starts to come back in, it is strong and fast and you can get caught. Read and heed all signs! - Shirley D.

We hope you find these tips helpful for your next trip out to Tybee! You can always join in on the conversations on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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