2022 Tybee Island Tourism Council

Executive Committee

Joe Ann Brandt, Wet Willies, [email protected]

Amy Gaster, Tybee Vacation Rentals, [email protected]

Tony Vazquez, Beachside Colony HOA, [email protected]

Joe Marinelli, President Visit Savannah

Advisory Board Members:

Diane Kaufman, Mermaid Cottages, [email protected]

Cody Gay, Tybee Beach Vacation Rentals, [email protected]

Susan Kelleher, Seaside Sisters, [email protected]

Dillon Patel, Dunes Inn & Suites, [email protected]

Sarah Jones, Tybee Island Historical Society, [email protected]

Maria Procopio, Tybee Island Marine Science Center, [email protected]

Casey Jones, Casey Jones Photography, [email protected]

Monty Parks, Tybee Island City Council, [email protected]

Melissa Memory, Fort Pulaski, [email protected]

Michelle Owens, City of Tybee, [email protected]

Evan Goetz, Tybee Post Theater, [email protected]

Shawn Gillen, City of Tybee, [email protected]

Brett Loehr, Hotel Tybee, [email protected]

Cassidi Kendrick, Main Street, [email protected]

Honorary Members

Shell Solomon, Solomon Properties, [email protected]

Greg Stoeffler, DeSoto Beach Properties, [email protected]