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Tybee Clean Beach: How Everyone Can Do Their Share

Have you ever wondered what the Tybee Island fairies look like? You know, the ones that magically clean the beaches to perfection after you've had a weeklong stay or fantastic weekend. No? Oh, that's right, there are none! Mere pixie dust can not take credit for our true coastal heroes — the Tybee Clean Beach crew.

Photo courtesy of Fight Dirty Tybee Facebook page
This weekly squad of volunteers takes their jobs seriously. Their love of our community and the ecological importance of our small but mighty paradise is overwhelming enough to shine a spotlight on the cause's importance and the impressive team behind the scenes. Let's find out more!
Tybee Island Beach Cleanup Volunteers

Photo courtesy of Tybee Clean Beach

Who Are These Selfless Sirens? 🧜

Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers, also known as Fight Dirty Tybee, is a dedicated group focused on cleaning Tybee Island's beaches. Using tools like grabbers and buckets, they frequently remove small and harmful debris to prevent pollution and protect marine life. They also organize educational beach cleanups for groups advocating for the reduction of single-use plastics and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Founded in 2015 and recognized as a non-profit, their efforts were acknowledged in 2016 when they were named Environment Volunteers of the Year by United Way of Coastal Empire/Hands on Savannah. To enhance their impact, they collaborate closely with local organizations like the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Now that's mighty impressive.

Photo courtesy of @tybeecleanbeach on Instagram

Photo courtesy of @tybeecleanbeach on Instagram

If You Drop It, They’ll Find It 🗑️

Sorry, we think you dropped this. 😏 On Tybee Island, their beach sweeps reveal a treasure trove of the not-so-precious kind. From the mundane to the unexpected, they find it all: plastic bottle caps, snack wrappers and even the occasional beach toy gone rogue. And let's not forget the ever-present cigarette butts — though, thanks to our smoke-free beach ordinance, these are becoming a rarer find! Remember, every piece of trash that is removed is a victory for our beaches and marine life. So, next time you visit, make sure what you bring leaves with you. Because here at Tybee, we don't just love our beaches; we clean them, too!

Photo courtesy of Tybee Clean Beach

Photo courtesy of Tybee Clean Beach

Discover Their Programs ♻️

Dive into the innovative programs at Tybee Clean Beach, where they're not just cleaning up, but getting creative with conservation! From their Hard to Recycle Center (H2RC) at the local YMCA, where you can drop off those tricky items that curbside recycling bins snub, to their shiny new Recycling Machine Shop. Here, they transform discarded Tybee plastics into durable products that support our beach cleanups—talk about a full-circle moment! Don't forget about their Re-Beachables Program, where abandoned beach toys find new life in borrowed boxes across the island. 

And it’s not all work and no play; their Awareness Campaigns mix education with fun to spotlight marine debris issues and promote ocean-friendly habits. Plus, with their Turtle-Friendly Tybee initiative, they're helping local restaurants become heroes in shell armor by ditching polystyrene and single-use plastics. Join them, and be part of the wave of change!

Photo courtesy of Tybee Beach Cleanup

Photo courtesy of @tybeecleanbeach on Instagram

Here’s How You Can Help! 🤝

Ready to be a beach conservation hero? Let's keep Tybee Island pristine and show Mother Nature some love by doing our share! Start by packing smart and light — question your item's necessity and potential to turn into beach litter. Sorry cigarettes, butts don't belong on the sand. Get yourself a pocket ashtray and keep those filters off our shores. Say goodbye to plastic caps and straws with reusable drink containers. And when it comes to snacks, be a pro and secure any potential tear-offs before they fly away. Let's be real: Styrofoam is so last season, and the environmental cost isn't pretty. And those oh-so-adorable beach toys? Not so cute when they become litter. Stick to durable, reusable options and‌ take them home. Trust us, marine life will thank you. So come on, let's make a tidal wave of change and keep Tybee a paradise for all. 

To join or learn more about these beach cleaning initiatives, contact [email protected]. Contributions to their organization are tax-exempt under IRS Section 501(c)3.

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