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The One Thing You Must Do on Tybee

Planning a vacation to a new destination can be overwhelming. Between the articles, travel guides or social media reviews, it can be hard to determine which tips are the best. 

tybee island drone

To help those drowning in a sea of information, we asked our social media followers to name the ONE thing on Tybee that everyone MUST experience.

What they wrote may surprise you…

1. Climb the Tybee Lighthouse – Dawn B.
2. Take a relaxing stroll on the island every time you get to see its unique character. – Carl N.
3. Tybee Island Marine Science Center – Farid M.

4. Get up early and enjoy the stunning sunrise. – Enid B.
5. Sit on the swings in the sand after a wonderful meal. – Lynn B.
6. Walk the southern-most tip of the island – Dmama W.

7. Visit the beach during low tide at twilight. – Kathleen S.
8. Dinner and margaritas at A-J’s Dockside Restaurant. – Bucky B
9. Watch the dolphins play on North Beach! – April B.

10. Watch the large boats come by! – Carolyn M.
11. Sit on the beach and read a good book early in the day. – Joan S.
12. Just BE. – Natalie R.


beach water float
13. Rest, relax and rejuvenate. – Melanie M.
14. See sunset over the Back River. – Josh

beach bikes

15. Ride bicycles on the beach! – Johanna D.
16. Enjoy a delicious crab cake burger from North Beach Grill! – Denise B.
17. The Sugar Shack – Mrs. P.

beach run pier

18. Take a run on the beach. – Jen B.
19. Eat at the Original Crab Shack. – Robin A.
20. Soak in the beauty of all that Tybee is and find rest in the old beach town charm that it offers. – April

Okay, so truth be told we couldn't pick just one thing you must do on Tybee Island. From sunrise until twilight, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Experience all the island has to offer and then ask yourself, what's the one thing you must (tell others to) do on Tybee? wink

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