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We Spent a Day on North Beach: Here’s What We Discovered

Picture this: a day dripping with postcard-perfect moments, where the sand dances in the sunlight with nostalgia and the ocean serenades us with its siren song. Yup, that was just another day at Tybee Island's North Beach, and oh, it was a delightful one. North Beach is our even-tempered haven, coaxing you to relax and savor every sound, touch, taste and smell.

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Of course, one day is never enough, but our day on North Beach was too good not to share. Here's what we uncovered.

Photo courtesy of Tybean Art and Coffee Bar

Photo courtesy of Tybean Art and Coffee Bar

Morning Joys Begin With Java

They say the best part of waking up, is coffee in our cup! So, our day began early with a stop at Tybean Coffee Bar. Armed with the day's specialty muffins and a steaming cup of their finest brew, we were blissfully energized and ready to explore. The muffin was a decadent sweet treat that set a cheerful tone for the relaxing day ahead.

book on the beach

Photo courtesy of @servingbooks on Instagram

Treasure Hunting is Easy in Local Shops

With our spirits high and caffeine levels higher, we ventured to the Shoppes at 1207 for a few necessities. Our haul included a novel by Mary Kay from Seaside Sisters​ — perfect for a beach read​ — and essential sun-tan lotion from Kelly & Co. Each store offered its own little slice of island charm.



Beachside is Bliss

Envigorated, bellies full and wholly equipped, we made our way to the beach. The laid-back atmosphere was palpable, with a gentle salt-air breeze complementing the warm sun. Surfers showcased their skills near the jetties, and we even got to say hello to Brittany Wilson, the island's beloved social media darling, who, as always, was capturing the serene scene for all of our island enthusiasts.

Dolphins on Tybee Island.

Dolphins on Tybee Island.

Marine Encounters and Fossil Hunts

As we lounged, a group of playful dolphins appeared. Their virulent antics, a delightful display just yards from the shore. Later, we strolled along the dunes in search of shark teeth, each find a prehistoric treasure that added an element of adventure to our beach day.

north beach bar grill restaurant tybee island dining

North Beach Bar and Grill

Insightful Interludes

Midday brought us to the Tybee Island Visitors Center, where our beloved Liz enlightened us about the island's rich history and vibrant community. Trust us, she knows her stuff! Lunch at the North Beach Bar & Grill was next on the agenda. The seafood couldn't have been fresher if we'd caught it ourselves, and the service is always like dining with family.

Tybee Island Lighthouse Seagulls

Explore the Tybee Island Lighthouse.

It’s Worth Climbing High and Learning More

Post-lunch, we visited the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. The staff's passion for marine conservation was infectious, deepening our appreciation for Tybee's ecological efforts. The physical highlight of our day was conquering the 178 steps of the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum. The effort was more than worth it. The panoramic view from the top was a breathtaking reward, offering a stunning vista of the island's expansive beauty and daylight's subtle evening respite.

north beach sunrise

Photo courtesy of @matcourtney via Instagram.

Evening’s Golden Hour is Priceless

As the day wound down, we were treated to one of Tybee Island's famed sunsets. Oh! The sky blazed with colors that no camera could do justice to. A perfect end, dare we say, to a picture-perfect day.

From dawn's first light to the sunset's last glimmer, Tybee Island's North Beach revealed its myriad charms to us; each moment a discovery, each experience a memory etched in time. Whether you're seeking relaxation, demured adventure​ or a bit of both, this coastal gem beckons with open arms and endless possibilities.

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