Is Tybee Island Wheelchair Accessible?

Tybee Island's Beach is fully accessible for our differently-abled sun-seekers. From its famous beaches to its historical locations, there's no shortage of fun activities for people of all abilities.

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Regular wheelchairs’ tires aren’t usually compatible with sand, but Tybee Island makes sure that won’t deter users from enjoying their beaches. Special wheelchairs with big tires are available to check out for free at the lifeguard station, located next to the Marine Science Center. In addition, three locations have Mobi Mats, which create a hard pathway so regular wheelchairs can get close to the ocean without getting stuck in the sand. They’re located at crossovers at North Beach, Second Avenue, and 16th Street.

The Tybee Pier and Pavilion has ramps leading up to its entrance and is fully accessible. It’s a great place to get a close-up view of the water below. Wheelchairs can pull up to the end of one of the picnic tables to enjoy a quick snack sold in the pavilion.

Tybee Island Marine Science Center

Both adults and children alike can find an enriching, educational experience at the Marine Science Center, and it’s also accessible. The entrance to the one-story building is level with the sidewalk, so there aren’t any steps to worry about. Each tank is easily visible, allowing a good view of the animals. Anyone, disabled or not, can see the many varieties of fish, crabs, and baby turtles while learning about conservation.

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Generally, it can be hard for people with some disabilities to navigate historical sites. However, the majority of Fort Pulaski National Monument is accessible. Only a few entrances have steps and there are stairs to reach the top portion. There are many short ramps leading up to all the other areas, so wheelchair users can access the jail, cannons, bunk room, and other locations. Fort Pulaski’s visitor center is also accessible, which has a few exhibits relating to the fort.

Tybee Oaks Shopping District

A charming destination for visitors to stop at is the Oaks at Tybee and The Shoppes at 1207, a series of cottages selling products by local artists. Most of the shops are on a platform that was built with a ramp and all of their entrances are level. Their small size can make navigation difficult, but the owners are more than happy to help move things, so you can access all areas of the shops. It’s a good place to support local artists and purchase unique souvenirs. 

No matter the visitor, Tybee Island offers fun activities for people of all abilities. From easy to use Mobi Mats on their beaches to historical sites with perfectly placed ramps, everyone is sure to have a great time visiting this coastal destination.

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