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Have a Micro Wedding on Tybee Island

By: Brittany Howard

When you hear the word "micro," what descriptions come to mind? Private, intimate, personal, trim? For many couples, tying the knot may not equate to elaborate, but it doesn't mean you must forgo the romance. Micro weddings have become a favorite amongst lovebirds and Tybee Island is an all-in-one destination for those seeking seclusion as a duo or with a small group of loved ones.

From the venue to accommodations, Tybee Island has everything you need to make your day memorable, wrapped in a cozy coastal box.


Tybee Island Wedding Chapel, photo courtesy of @beautyandbeardphotography

"I do," But Where?

So, you've planned for months or decided on a whim you couldn't wait any longer to make it official. This coastal paradise has you covered. Take the traditional approach by exchanging vows at Hotel Tybee, a historical island landmark that offers all-in-one accommodations for you and your guests, big or small. The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel will leave a song in your heart, thanks to Nicholas Sparks. This venue is not only gorgeous, but it's also where the movie "The Last Song" was filmed. "It's the climb!"

Tybee Island Inn and Beachview Inn are fantastic choices for a more personal approach. You'll feel right at home as you vow to love none other in venues that mirror an elevated backyard wedding space. We'll revisit these two venues, so place a bookmark here.

What's more island than a beach ceremony? Tybee Island is home to five picturesque beaches. As you walk barefoot through the warm sand to join hands, the Atlantic Ocean will serve as your music and backdrop. Find out how easy it is to exchange vows on the beach with our wedding guide.

Tybee Island Wedding Tybee Island Inn

Say your vows under the spanish moss at Tybee Island Inn

Vacation Home or B&B "Moon"

Now it's time to begin forever - in a beautiful accommodation, of course. Tybee Island is a guaranteed twofer, offering both venue and honeymoon. Cozy up in a romantic oceanfront or scenic vacation home with Oceanfront Cottages, Beachside Colony Resort, Mermaid Cottages, Tybee Vacation Rentals or Tybee Beach Vacation Rentals. This list doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the island abodes that await you, but it's a great start to plan what will work best for you and your new spouse.

If you prefer to be pampered (and who wouldn't?), the bed and breakfast route is the way to go. You'll be greeted as if you've been welcomed back home after years apart at Surf Song Bed & Breakfast, DeSoto Beach Bed & Breakfast and Beachview Inn & Spa. Just picture it. The comforts of home mixed with breathtaking views, fantastic homemade breakfast, private suites and balconies, beach access and some of the finest staff. Don't think we forgot about Beachview Inn & Spa. You'll have married, honeymooned, dined and enjoyed a luxurious spa here. Oh, and did we mention the Tybee Pier is mere steps away?

Seeking even more privacy? Tybee Island Inn will provide the B&B lifestyle with a condo feel. Tybee Island Inn, as mentioned before, is centered around nuptials, offering wedding packages for two or twenty during your stay. You'll be captured by the enchanting landscape and unbeatable hospitality while surrounded by a few of the island's most sought-after attractions. Love will certainly be in the air.


Photo courtesy of @ashleecphotography on Instagram

Paradise is Affordable

If you didn't know, Tybee Island is the best beach for your buck. The cost of accommodations, dining, entertainment and activities is even more affordable thanks to amazing seasonal deals. The last thing you should fret over is cost because paradise isn't just for some; it's also for you. 

You couldn't ask for a better destination for your micro wedding than Tybee Island. This seaside town sets the perfect example of a lifetime commitment, welcoming visitors for over 130 years. As you stand together and profess to one another to be true, Tybee Island will forever remain faithful to you.

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