Salt Island Fish & Beer

101 Lovell Avenue, Tybee Island, GA 31328
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Salt Island Fish & Beer got its name from the Euchee Tribe who inhabited the islands around the 14thcentury. “Tybee” is the Euchee name for “Salt.” We take the concept of salt very seriously at Salt Island Fish & Beer. It flavors our food, it enhances our drinks, and it’s a way of life for people on this island. We breathe the salty air, we swim in the salty waters, we consume it every day. As salt balances the food we eat, it also creates the balance of life between work and play.

  • American
  • Seafood

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Brian M. | Jun 15, 2022

We were out at Tybee Island for a short vacation and stumbled across this little restaurant. Service was excellent and I wish I could remember our...

Ruby G. | Jun 6, 2022

Like a home cooked meal...... by my imaginary private chef Uncle Leo Picture it, Tybee Island, 2022. One tired momma, with three teenage kids, soldiers on...

Kevin F. | May 6, 2022

We left Savannah and headed west to Tybee Island, with the expectation we wanted to have lunch that consisted of a local flair. We found it at Salt Island...