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Escape Tybee

106 S. Campbell Ave., Tybee Island, GA 31328
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Info & Amenities

Tybee Island's New Escape Room - Come solve our 60-minute thrilling game. Indoor fun for your group or family. We are a 30-minute drive from Savannah, GA, so come out and see us.

Each room has a recommended max of 8 people but if you book the whole room you can bring a couple more, if you don't mind working with a bigger group.

There are discounts for groups of 6 & over - check time, prices and availability at

We have 2 Rooms (All New for 2019!):
Blackbeard has Shanghaied You!
You are stuck on the ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, and the Crew is leaving to have some fun on Tybee Island. They will be back in one hour. You also know there is a treasure aboard. Can you find the treasure and get off the ship in time?

The Tybee Bomb is Armed!
In the late 1950's a U.S. Air Force B-47 jettisoned a hydrogen bomb into the waters south of Tybee Island. No one ever found it until now. The bomb has been found and armed and you have 60 minutes to disarm it before disaster.

Good Luck!


TripAdvisor® Reviews:

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Jodie L | Apr 10, 2019

Great time was had by all! We were in a mixed group of kids and adults, those who had experienced other escape rooms before and those who had not. We worked as a team and we escaped, but with just...

Connector31049734611 | Apr 6, 2019
“That was my second time going and It was better than the first!!”

I will tell everyone to try it out because it’s really really fun especially for younger kids because it’s not scary!!

Tourist03036734443 | Apr 1, 2019

Such an amazing and fun experience! The staff was super nice and welcoming. I definitely recommend trying out even if it’s your first time!

Yelp® Reviews:

Yelp Overall Rating
Donaven L. | Feb 6, 2019

My friends and I had a great time solving Bomb 2.0. Plenty of challenging puzzles, fun activities, and a very helpful game master. I could really tell that...

T B. | Aug 12, 2018

This was the highlight of our trip As a mom it was so nice to see the kids working together to solve the puzzle. The staff was wonderful and was so kind to...

Lori S. | Jul 13, 2018

We had two groups do the Pirate Room at Escape Tybee at different times and compete against each other. The first group took almost the entire allotted...