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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Captain Mike

Tybee Island captain Mike Scarbrough owns one of the most well-known dolphin cruises on the island. But for as renowned as his company, Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours, is, many people don’t know the inconspicuous man behind the massively popular tour. Here are some fascinating (and flat-out fantastical) facts about Captain Mike.

1. He and his wife, Iris, hosted the 1996 Olympic U.S. teams on Tybee Island – for free!

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Many U.S. teams’ families gave everything they had – some even sold their homes – to support their Olympians. Captain Mike and Iris, along with other Tybee locals, helped feed the families, house them and offer them places to practice. Many still make return visits to see the Scarbroughs!

2. He isn’t originally from Tybee Island.

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He and his wife and daughter lived in Atlanta, but the allure of Tybee Island repeatedly drew them in. When they began spending all weekend, every weekend, on the island, they knew it was time to make the move.

3. His dolphin tours are nationally loved.

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Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours are a ubiquitous presence on Tybee – so much so that Good Morning America, Disney Channel, Discovery Channel and The Early Show have all sent their reporters to explore coastal waters with him. GMA was a particularly momentous opportunity; five minutes after the segment aired, Mike started receiving calls and reservations from across the U.S.!

4. He has a thing for cats.

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One of Tybee’s charms is its appreciation for animals of all kinds, something that Captain Mike’s daughter, Lisa, learned from an early age. Tybee Island’s docks are safe places for stray cats, who love the marshlands for shelter and the fresh seafood for dinner. Mike’s office serves as a home for several former strays, and his daughter even founded the Coastal Pet Rescue, an exemplary organization helping to re-home the kitties.

5. Speaking of community organizations, Captain Mike is a benefactor to many.

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Mike’s generosity and resources have served many in Savannah, Tybee Island and the surrounding areas. He frequently donates to the Shriners Hospital for Children, the Tybee Beautification Association and the Children’s Miracle Network. He also enjoys showing inner-city youth a dolphin cruise through Tybee’s beautiful waterways, in many cases their first time on a boat.

6. Captain Mike’s favorite thing about Tybee Island is its vibrant community.


While the seafood, quirky houses and gorgeous beaches are worthy favorites, Captain Mike is most in awe of the island’s strong community ties. He says the people are what made the first impression on him and his family on their first visit, and every day since.

7. He offers way more than just tours.

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Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours may be the most recognizable of his business’s offerings, but it’s certainly not the only one. He also  chartered fishing trips, sunset tours, dock rentals, jet-ski rentals and owns the nearby fresh seafood market and shrimp boats that supply neighboring restaurants.

8. He knows the secret to success.

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Mike owes the secret to his enormous success on Tybee Island to one thing: never forgetting why he went into business in the first place. For him, that reason was to help families afford a boating experience they’d never forget. We’d say he’s still right on track.

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