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17 Signs You’re Obsessed With Tybee Island

For thousands of people, Tybee Island is a blissful getaway on a colorful barrier island. For others, it’s all they think about year-round. Here are 17 signs you’re totally obsessed with Tybee Island:

1. You know the definition of “Tybee Time,” and you aren’t happy until you’re on it.

2. You can tell the difference between North Beach, Mid-Beach, South Beach and the Back River – even in photographs.

3. You’ve been on a fishing tour and eaten your catch for dinner that night.

4. You know there’s only one beer to drink on the beach.

5. You remember when Tybee Island was referred to commonly as “Savannah’s Beach.”

6. Your heart skips a beat when you see your favorite beach swing.

7. You know and love Ike, the Marine Science Center‘s beloved loggerhead sea turtle.

8. You spend time biking slowly through the neighborhoods just to see all of the colorful homes.

9. You’ve gone into one of the island’s adorable shops for sunscreen and left with souvenirs for everyone you know.

10. You know that there are 178 steps in the Tybee Island Lighthouse – and you’ve climbed every single one.

11. You tied the knot on the beach or in the famous Tybee Island Wedding Chapel.

12. You have a full pirate costume in your closet in anticipation of the annual Pirate Fest.

13. You’ve got at least one local piece of art hanging in your house.

14. You’ve read all of Mary Kay Andrews‘ novels.

15. You could live on frozen daiquiris and Lowcountry Boil.

16. You’ve been to Little Tybee Island – and maybe even camped there.

17. You call Tybee Island your “happy place,” and mean it.


Jess Brannen is Visit Tybee’s Digital Content Coordinator. Jess is a Savannah native and loves playing with Sir Charles Barkley, her neurotic golden retriever, and watching reruns of Martha Stewart’s cooking shows while eating chocolate. 



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