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Here Is How You Can Help Keep Tybee Clean

Tybee Island is a paradise to many people. From the many animals who call it home to the visitors who call it their haven, Tybee Island’s sandy beaches provide rest, respite and relaxation for all who seek it. Want to do your part to keep our coastal community clean? Become a Tybee Clean Beach Volunteer!

Click this photo to watch a video about Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers.

Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers is an organization made up of compassionate individuals who walk the beach in search of litter on a regular basis. Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers is different from other organizations in that they do not use any plastic bags or produce any trash in the collection process. Each volunteer sorts, counts and tracks each item in order to determine which parts of the island need more attention. Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers also recycle most of what they recover, either through municipal recycling or, for hard to recycle items such as cigarettes, straws, bottle caps, bits of broken plastic, and snack wrappers, with their partner Terracycle.

Want to get your office or organization involved? Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers sponsors beach cleanings for groups or organizations that want to have a community-based experience while learning first-hand about the types of marine debris found on Tybee’s beaches!

Getting involved with Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers is rewarding in a myriad of ways. Volunteers give back to their community while spending time with like-minded people – all while strolling by the sea! What could be better?

Learn more about Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers by following them on Facebook or Instagram. Ready to get involved? Check out their clean-up calendar.

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