Visit Tybee – Tybee Island, Georgia "Savannah Beach"


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How To Explore Tybee Island Without A Car

Driving is overrated. When you’re visiting Tybee Island, park your car at your hotel or vacation home and choose one of these transportation options. You’ll soak up the island vibes, get some sun and have a true Tybee Island adventure.


Tybee Island is a biker’s paradise. With bike friendly roads and scenic trails galore, you’re sure to get the most out of the island when you pedal around. Rent a bike from Tim’s Bike and Beach Gear and explore the colorful neighborhoods, cruise the shores or bike to a sunset dinner. Tim’s Bikes have two locations, deliver bikes and accessories for the entire family and, best of all, they’ll deliver your bike right to you.

Golf Cart

With the convenience of driving and the ease of parking, Tybee Island Golf Carts are a smart way to get around the island.  Enjoy a boozy beverage and park for free as you peruse the roads and paths of Tybee Island in 4-, 6- and 8-passenger carts. Choose from gas or electric cars and enjoy free delivery and pickup anytime.


Walking is easy and pleasant on Tybee Island. The island is about 5 miles in diameter, so most places are just a quick stroll away. Take a little walk in the sunshine with a cold drink in hand. After all, there’s no rush; you’re on island time!

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