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5 Reasons To Dine Outdoors At This Authentic Tybee Island Eatery

Driving onto Tybee Island, several things are bound to catch your eye: the bounty of colorful creations in the front yard at Fish Art, the bevy of bungalow-style shops at Tybee Oaks and the pristine exterior of the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel. But the thing that never fails to make passersby slow down and crane their necks is Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp. Here’s why this iconic place is worth stopping.


Local Fare

Owner Gerald Schantz prides himself on his relationship with local shrimpers and fishermen. He receives fresh catches in the mornings on days he’s open for business, and the quality is evident at first bite!


Spunky service

Sassy, hand-painted signs adorn every available surface at Gerald’s with slogans like “It don’t cost nothin’ to be nice,” and “Friends don’t let friends eat imported shrimp.” Just when you think you’ve read them all, look up – you’re bound to find one you missed!


Social circles

Meet up with friends or make new ones in this laid-back atmosphere. Conversations here are as alluring as the food itself, and the people are friendly as can be!


Getting saucy

Gerald makes and sells his own brand of hot sauce, which is great because the stuff is completely addictive! The delectable mango hot sauce is “breeze sweet with beach heat” and pairs well with every single thing on the menu.


Roadside stand

In keeping with Gerald’s handmade aesthetic, the entire operation is housed under one large open air garage, surrounded by murals and trees. It’s the perfect place to observe island pedestrians and watch the palm trees sway while you feast.

jess_brannen_headshotJess Brannen is Visit Tybee’s Social Media Coordinator. She graduated from Armstrong State University with her BA in English and Professional Communications. Jess is a Savannah native and loves playing with Sir Charles Barkley, her neurotic golden retriever, and watching reruns of Martha Stewart’s cooking shows while eating chocolate. 

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