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How to Chase A Tybee Island Sunrise

It’s no secret that the island’s vast horizon and amazing vantage points make watching a sunrise on Tybee one of the most inspiring things you’ll ever do. But until you’ve witnessed the rising sun glimmering across the Atlantic Ocean for yourself, words won’t do it justice. We’ve outlined how to experience this natural beauty so you can see for yourself!

1. Set the alarm.

Depending on the season, peak time for sunrise on Tybee Island is anywhere from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. But sunrise aficionados know that the best way to watch the sun rise is actually to begin watching at “first light,” which starts about 30 minutes before the projected sunrise time on your iPhone.

2. Bundle up.

The sea breeze can be a little chilly first thing in the morning. A light sweater or an extra-hot coffee is enough to keep you comfortably warm, or you can just plan to enjoy the sunrise while you jog along the beach!

3. Bring the camera.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful sunrise and not being able to capture the moment forever. And while the sunrise itself is gorgeous, the “golden hour” – the hour before sunrise when everything seems to glow – makes things even more photogenic, too! So grab your camera (or your phone!) and get ready to snap away!

4. Choose good company.

Sometimes sunrises are a great time for introspection – but other times, they’re the perfect time to be with loved ones. Hold hands for a sun-washed stroll along Tybee Island’s North Beach and soak it all in.

5. Plan your day.

Once the sun has finished putting on its daily show, you’ve got the whole day in front of you! Head to breakfast, start your beach day or ride your bike through the island. Whatever you have planned, starting your day off with a sunrise will lift your mood and make the upcoming activities even better!

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