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5 Tybee Island Cocktails You Have To Try

A beach vacation isn’t complete without the perfect libations. From brunch to dinner, we’ve got the scoop on five signature cocktails from the Tybee Island Social Club!

1. Blood Orange Sangria


Photo by Jess Brannen for Visit Tybee

Social’s sangrias are great for any time of day. Choose from Red Hibiscus, White Jasmine or Blood Orange. These floral, fruity concoctions are sure to brighten your day on the beach.

2. Smoked Vodka Bacon Bloody Mary


Photo by Jess Brannen for Visit Tybee

The classic brunch cocktail gets a major upgrade with this protein-packed beverage. Cilantro and bacon garnishes set off the heartiness of this bold drink — and double as a built-in snack!

3. Socialite

Photo by Jess Brannen of Visit Tybee

Photo by Jess Brannen for Visit Tybee

Effervescent and herbaceous, this signature cocktail is as complex as it is refreshing. The unique combination of honeysuckle vodka, rosemary essence and chilled champagne make it a memorable choice.

4. Del Fuego


Photo by Jess Brannen for Visit Tybee

Nothing delights the palate more than when spicy meets sweet. Between the lime, jalepeno and ginger, this smoky creation is unexpected and complementary — a pleasant fusion of flavor.

5. Social Manhattan


Photo by Jess Brannen for Visit Tybee

Get social with this time-honored cocktail. The Tybee Island Social Club improves the already-perfect Manhattan by using made-in-house whisky barrel bitters. The ones used to make the drink featured above were made in March!

Jess Brannen is Visit Tybee’s social media coordinator. She graduated from Armstrong State University with her BA in English and Professional Communications. Jess is a Savannah native and loves playing with Sir Charles Barkley, her neurotic golden retriever, and watching reruns of Martha Stewart’s cooking shows while eating chocolate. 

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